Conference 2018 – “Vivere alla grande a Milano”

“Una nuova domanda residenziale first class”

The first conference about the real estate market share: “ in Milan the residential Prime Market is now a thing”.

The meeting was opened by: Vincenzo Albanese (Sigest) and Mario Breglia (Scenari Immobiliari), who introduced the round table with  experts of RE sector.

“The Milan residential prime market is consolidating as a new asset class for the increasing number of investors and internationals who are looking at the most European city in Italy. Milan is the Italian leader of a process that sees experimentation in high-end initiatives that mark the guidelines of the future market, in fact, in the city, new construction are about a quarter of the total offer on it . Inside of the first ring road, the initiatives with over 120 apartments are 5 and represent more than 28 percent of the entire supply housing stock, but from here emerges the need, more and more concrete, to develop initiatives  and projects that consolidate the positioning of Milan as a driver in high quality residential construction and become a reference point for the development of tomorrow’s projects . “- commented Vincenzo Albanese, CEO of Sigest.