Living in lofts – Refurbishing lofts for housing purposes

By Antonio Invernale, Valentina Puglisi and Oliviero Tronconi

Technology and Management for Building and Environment, Aracne

July 2017

The volume aims at identifying the essential aspects of the dynamics which characterise the current building and real estate sector. Living in lofts analyses the interventions to redevelop lofts, expected to become increasingly popular in the real estate market, by investigating the aspects related to technology, architecture, landscape, and energy, in tight connection with market trends. The first chapter, “The evolution of the housing market: new housing trends, quality in the Milanese market, and the chances represented by the refurbishment of lofts in big cities”, has been written by Vincenzo Albanese and Francesca Bombelli, the CEO and head of Sigest’s Study Centre, respectively.

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