2017 – “Think Tank”

Debate is a substantial part of the work carried out by Sigest’s Study Centre, which promotes non-public events with industry operators on the lookout for other realities to broaden horizons, resulting in a proactive and constructive debate on our present. An example of such an activity is the think tank created with Meet the Media Guru, who had among its guests Tim Jones, Managing Director of Artscape, the Canadian charity committed to redeveloping run-down neighbourhoods: a full immersion into a different yet stimulating reality, to understand how urban development may also come from the regeneration and recovery of run-down neighbourhoods and old buildings fallen into disuse, through their transformation into points of convergence for artists who choose these places to live in, or work. According to Jones, “art and culture have the power to make cities and neighbourhoods lively, resilient and inclusive. The architectural concept of “placemaking” becomes “creative placemaking”, i.e. relying on the power of art, culture, and creativity to catalyse change and transformation in a given place, and then nurture, preserve and develop it.”